Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So I have taken a complete hiatus from blogging, but for good reasons. This has been an especially rough few months for me. I found out that I was pregnant the first of April. Surprise! No, we were not trying, and Blane swears it had to be immaculate conception. But I get so sick that after a week of toughing it out in Florida, crashing on my neighbor Heather's couch, I caught a flight home to Arizona. My mom took care of me and my kids for 6 weeks while I layed on the couch puking and having to go get IV's. My cute dad even drove all the way down to Mexico to get me medicine. We had to pull Lincoln out of his preschool, but we found a teacher here that would take him, which worked out pretty well. I just have to add that I have the best mom in the entire world. I don't know how I would survive without her. Anyway, I started feeling good at about twelve weeks and I have been better for the past two weeks, but I stayed in Arizona because my youngest brother just graduated high school and Blane is studying to take his dental boards the beginning of June. But this past Thursday, at the fourteen week mark, I started to bleed. My sister Therena went with me to the doctor where they did an ultrasound that confirmed the miscarriage. I knew before the doctor told me because the baby did not move. I went in for a D&C surgery the next morning because I was so far along. It has been rough because I finally got through being sick and then lost the baby. Lincoln was so cute when I told him, he asked where the baby went and I told him it went back to heaven and he gave me his little pouty face and said Ohhh. It has also been hard because we have only seen Blane one weekend this entire time and he isn't coming for another two weeks. It would have been nice to have him hold my hand and hug me to let me know that it would be ok. Luckily, I have the best family and I am working through it. We probably can't try to get pregnant again until January, after my brother leaves on his mission, so that my mom can come to Florida next time to take care of us. So two days ago my mom and I started a diet, because of course I was already totally huge and my belly is still huge. Just in time for summer.